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Sep 032015

Works were to re cover the existing timber stair case and over bridge with new anti slip material complete with Corduroy tactile.

The works were carried at night and the client passed the works off without any snagging.

For more information on Corduroy Tactiles please Click here. Please click on an image below to view a larger version.

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Jan 032014

J & A Stevenson were commissioned to produce an innovative non-slip solution for Platform 7 at Reading Railway Station.

The Surface Mounted Tactile Paving System was installed along the length of the Platform to provide a simple solution requiring no excavation to install.

The work was completed ahead of schedule, and our Tactile Paving System will reduce fabrication and possible future maintenance requirements.

Please click here to view our letter of recommendation, or on a pictures to view a larger version.

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Aug 082012

AFBP2 Action for Blind People recently improved the entrance to the Charity’s central office in Southwark by installing SureGRP Fastac™ “surface mounted” hazard corduroy tactile warning system at the top and bottom of each of the entrance ramps in order to achieve full DDA compliance.

Mark Woodham, Facilities Manager at Action for Blind People, said “I chose the SureGRP Fastac™ system because of the speed of installation and the lack of disruption to our staff and clients during the work.”


He went on to say “The tactile pavers were laid and bonded directly to the surface without the need to excavate the area or the use of heavy plant and equipment, the whole job was completed in under 3 hours with the minimum of fuss and disruption.”

He was also pleased with the overall cost which was much reduced when compared with conventional tactile systems.

For more information regarding SureGRP Fastac™ Tactile System contact Adrian Stevenson:
T: 01952 583022
M: 07921 880036

Leigh Sports Village

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Aug 082012

SureGRP Tactiles has recently supplied its Highway Blister profile tile to enable Hall Construction to complete DDA compliance works in and around the car parks for the new Leigh Sports Village. 

The sports village is a brand new development on the outskirts of Leigh (Lancashire) which has a large capacity stadium for  Leigh Centurions (http://www.leighrl.co.uk) along with other up to date sports facilities.

SureGRP Fastac was chosen for the speed and ease of application and the moisture tolerant adhesive was chosen so as not to delay the opening of the car park areas due to inclement weather.

Nottingham Parkway Station

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Jul 082012

Access Design / Redman Fisher working with Birse Rail and Network Rail at Nottingham Parkway Station

Access Design has a revolutionary new Platform System manufactured entirely from G.R.P. which is a lightweight, quickly installed and cost effective alternative to more traditional construction methods.  Access Design needed a slender, lightweight and consistent surface mounted tactile system to compliment the platform.

The SureGRP Tactiles Fastac platform edge profile in its 3mm spec was chosen for its unique tile depth which fitted perfectly with the surrounding anti skid surface.  Its consistent buff colour contrasted well to the surrounding area and its ease of application with the unique adhesive enabled Access to install the product extremely efficiently.

The brand new station at Nottingham Parkway is finished to a very high standard with the Platforms and Platform tactile complimenting the overall finish of the station.

Nottingham Parkway Tactile Surface Installation



Jul 082012

Extract from A J McCormack website review

This section of the website documents the installation of Apollo surface-mounted tactile paving to an uncontrolled (ie: no traffic lights) road crossing in Wigan, Lancashire, during April 2007. As this is an in-depth case study, it has been divided into three separate pages to ease download time. This first page considers the preparation work, including setting-out, masking-off and cutting of the tactile units. The following page looks at the mixing of the adhesive and the actual placement of the tiles, while the final page documents the finishing work and provides links to further sources of information.

The installation site, a newly-developed business park, had previously been fitted with pre-cast concrete tactile units installed as part of the original roads and footpaths construction work some two years previously, but these had suffered due to a poor standard of installation. The 400mm concrete units had, in places, been laid to levels lower than the top of the crossing kerbs, resulting in the accumulation of silt, and lack of pedestrian traffic combined with non-existent maintenance had allowed weed to colonise the paving.

Please click here for an independent review of our tactile by the paving expert A.J.McCormack.

May 102012

Like most local authorities, Wigan MBC has a problem with vehicles that overrun kerbs.  At numerous sites they were repeatedly having to carry out repairs as the traditional concrete tactile paving was sustaining regular damage.  They decided to consider an alternative in order to reduce their maintenance costs and found the SureGRP Tactile paving tiles to be an option worth consideration.  As they would be rolling out a programme across the borough it was important to Wigan that the process could be carried out in wet weather conditions.  The SureGRP Tactile paving tile was ideal for this through the use of their unique moisture tolerant adhesive.

The installation trial was set for a day when rain was expected, but the resulting rainfall exceeded everyone’s expections: “It was absolutely torrential rain that day” said Mark McCartney, Assistant Contractors Manager Highway DLO, “the tiles went down perfectly and are still in situ 18 months later.  That’s why we went with the SureGRP tile”.

As a result of that impressive performance Wigan has extended their replacement programme to include most of their junctions.  Starting from the 5 Primary Care Trusts in the borough, where they created a series of pram routes, they are now working out from those and replacing as old sites become damaged and require upgrading.

Regarding application of the tile, McCartney said they have found it very simple and beneficial to use.  “We are one of the only boroughs to continue installing tactile paving throughout the winter and this is because we were using the SureGRP tile and adhesive.  It’s speeded up the delivery of our upgrades, reduces costs significantly and we’ve not had a problem with any of the tiles since we started using them.”

May 082012

The SureGRP Tactiles Fastac platform edge tile has been tested by the independent testing house SATRA and has passed the TM144 slip resistance test.  The tile returned fantastic results of 0.83 in the dry and 0.73 in the wet, giving the tile superb anti slip characteristics. 

This result adds to the other independent tests that have been carried out on the SureGRP Tactiles Fastac range of tiles and adhesive.  For information on the TM144 test results and for any other information please contact us.

Mar 092012

Metronet has granted SureGRP Tactiles ‘Deemed to comply’ status for its Fastac surface mounted platform edge profile (3mm spec) and associated adhesive.


Metronet look after around two thirds of the London Underground network.  Metronet Rail is responsible for transforming the world’s first underground railway into a metro system expected of a capital city in the 21st Century.


‘Deemed to comply’ means that the SureGRP Fastac platform edge profile 3mm spec can now be used on the parts of the London Underground network which are the responsibility of Metronet.  SureGRP Tactiles has worked very closely with Metronet over the past months to complete and pass all the vigorous testing that is required of Metronet for any product to be used on the network.


The associated adhesive that has been developed for this particular application is a fast curing version of our popular moisture tolerant adhesive.  This means that our product can be laid, fully cured and trafficked by passengers on the network in less than one hour.



Feb 142012

SureGRP Tactiles, working with Metronet, has recently completed the installation of its Fastac Platform Edge tile (Metro spec, especially developed for Metronet) on four London Underground Stations; West Harrow, Rayners Lane, Hammersmith and Uxbridge which are part of an ongoing project.  This was completed in the minimum amount of time and with the minimum amount of disruption.  Using one of SureGRP Tactiles’ specialist contractors, 610 linear metres were completed in just two possessions and a further 282 linear metres were completed in only one possession.

London Underground Platform Warning Tactile Installation

New Brochure and DVD

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Aug 172011

The new SureGRP Tactiles brochure is a comprehensive guide to all the tile profiles and colours as well as the two adhesives types and installation guidelines.

The DVD provides a professional guide to the use and installation of SureGRP Tactiles products.

To order your copy of the brochure and/or DVD please contact us.

Dylan Thomas Boathouse

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Sep 082010

SureGRP Tactiles helps Carmarthenshire County Council meet Disability Discrimination Act 2004 requirements at Heritage Centre.

The Dylan Thomas Boathouse at Laugharne, Carmarthenshire is a busy tourist attraction and cultural heritage centre with a constant influx of visitors and students.

Carmarthenshire County Council needed to install tactile hazard warning systems to comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.  However, it was essential that this caused minimum disruption and alteration in this busy listed building.

SureGRP Tactiles surface mounted tactile tile system was selected for installation to indicate elevation changes on stairways and kerbs since the hard wearing, slip resistant tiles require no excavation and are bonded directly onto the existing base substrate.

The work was carried out quickly and cleanly with no disruption to visitor traffic.

The Boathouse is set in a cliff overlooking the glorious Taf Estuary and was occupied by Dylan Thomas and his family for the last four years of his life.  During his time there he wrote many of his major works including “Under Milk Wood”.  Dylan Thomas died in 1953.

Moisture Tolerant Adhesive

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Aug 022010

To complement our already tried and tested standard adhesive, SureGRP Tactiles is proud to announce our moisture tolerant adhesive which allows the customer to install our Tactile range in damp/moist conditions.

This two part adhesive gives the same benefits as our standard product with the added benefit of moisture tolerance thus allowing installation whatever the weather.