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Applications and Installation of the Fastac Surface Mounted Tactile Paver


  • The SureGRP surface mounted tactile system has been developed to ensure that installation is a quick and easy process.
  • The tile remains flexible at all times allowing the installation to follow any contours.
  • The two part adhesive used to fit the product has been especially formulated to ensure a very aggressive bond between the three components (tile, adhesive and substrate).
  • We recommend that the installer has a short training session carried out by a member of our experienced site team.  This can be carried out at our manufacturing facility or on site.
  • The photos and descriptions below are intended only to show stages from a typical installation.  They are not meant as any type of training.
  • A full and comprehensive set of installation instructions, method statement and training details are available on request.

In brief to install the product:

1.    Ensure the area where the tiles are to be installed is free from debris and dust.
2.    Lay out the tiles on the area to be installed.
3.    Apply duct tape to the substrate around the outside edge of the tiles.
4.    Mix the two part adhesive
5.    Apply the adhesive to the substrate using a serrated trowel ensuring all areas
       are covered up to the duct tape.
6.    Apply tiles to the adhesive ensuring no air is trapped under the tile.
7.    Apply kiln dried sand to the joints while the adhesive is still wet.
8.    Once adhesive has cured clean off any excess sand and remove the duct tape.

To arrange site visits, surveys or further training please contact us info@tactilesurface.co.uk